New TOP 3 Global Mobile Innovation Award at Google Awards 2017

Pareto Quantic is the first PPC Solution for Teams

Pareto Quantic is the 1st tool exclusively created (for you and your agency) to upgrade your campaigns to the artificial intelligence level.


AdWords Risk Score

Structure Score

Let us grade your AdWords structure and uncover each mistake

Efficiency Score

Are you wasting money? Find out for free and keep track of each metric

Targeting Score

Are your targeting your campaign for each specific gender, age, parental status... Find out!

AdRank Score

What is lowing your Quality Score? Landing Page, Ad Quality or CTR?

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Prediction Algorithm

Advanced monthly prediction

Account Risk Score

In 30 seconds or less

Intraday Monitor

Keep track of each metric every hour

PPC Task Manager

Keep track of your tasks with Pareto Workflow

Pareto Workflow is the 1st automated kanban ever created

The Most Advanced Algorithms and incredibly simple to use

Award Winning tool at Google Awards 2017

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+ 1,000 Awesome Customers

Pareto Quantic is loved by more than a thousand clients globally.

+2 Billion Conversions in data

Our dataset has over a half billion dollars in Google AdWords spent

+241% ROAS/CPA

Average of +241% improvement on ROAS and CPA with our algorithm

Award Winning

Simply a TOP3 world mobile innovation tool at Google Awards 2017

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